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Tree tables are used to display structurally hierarchical lists of object references and metadata


Tree tables can contain a wide variety of information and interface components, but should be used only when the hierarchical relationships between the rows is important. Like UIPlatformTable, tree tables can have actions & interactive elements within the rows. The table’s actions & columns are determined by Alation.


Each row of the tree table can be expanded if that row has children present in the table contents. The nesting structure of the rows should reflect the taxonomy of the contents.


To display raw data or query results, use a UIDataTable. To show information that does not have the hierarchical structure use a UIPlatformTable. For more information on when each table type is appropriate, see the Types of Data learn Fabric module.



Tree tables have some number of expandable rows, depending on the contents. They may also  have various other actions both at the table-level, and the row-level, depending on the implementation.

Expanding Rows

When a row is expandable, a clickable disclosure arrow is left-aligned within the row. This action toggles the opening and closing of that row’s children. When a row has no children to display, this arrow is not shown.

Built-in Actions

Actions that control the table view, including filtering & pagination, are build into the tree table.

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August 6, 2020

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