Using this Component

UITime should be used wherever there is a time and/or date being displayed. It can accommodate both relative and absolute time.


1. Ago

For displaying relative time between the present and another point in the past.

2. Date

For displaying an absolute date reference. Formatted as “MMM DD” or “MMM DD, YYYY”

3. Time

For displaying an absolute time of day. Formatted as “HH:MM:SS” or “HH:MM”

4. DateTime

For displaying an absolute date & time. Formatted as “MMM DD YYYY, HH:MM:SS”

5. Concise

For displaying short timestamps. Format varies depending on how distant the event is from the present.

6. Adaptive

*see component code

Selecting Type

For more information on which type is appropriate for your use case, see the Times & Dates guidelines.



UITime is not an interactive component. It is meant only to display information.

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