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Alation Insiders is a diverse group, from Alation newbies to Admins, who shape the design of our product by participating in our user research studies.

There's no obligation in joining. You choose what studies to participate in.

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Benefits of joining Alation Insiders

Share your feedback

By participating in user research studies, you'll get to influence the development of Alation products by simply giving your feedback. Empowering us to co-design together. We'll also thank you for your time with small gifts. A little way for us to say "Thank you!" for your time.

Sneak Peeks

As an Alation Insider, you’ll get sneak peeks at upcoming Alation features by participating in user research studies. See the "new shiny thing" before anyone else.


Join an exclusive community of other Insiders and the Alation Product team. Share your thoughts directly with the Product team, see the value of your research, get a "behind the scenes" view at Product development, and more.

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Click the link below to join and you’ll be taken to a questionnaire that will help our research team match you to particular studies.
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Roughly once a month, we’ll email you to invite you to participate in studies. We hate spam too, so we’ll only email you if we think you’re a great fit for a study. You never have to participate in a study if you don’t want to.


Get Rewarded

For each study you participate in, you’ll get a small thank-you gift like a gift card, Alation swag, or a donation to your favorite charity. A little way for us to say "Thank you!" for your time. You’ll also have our eternal gratitude for helping us make Alation the best it can be.

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FAQ for Everyone

What kinds of people are you looking for?

All kinds! From people that have heard of Alation once, to folks who are Alation admins. You’re all welcome to be an insider. You don’t need to be a current Alation user to join. The only requirement is that your company should have already purchased Alation.

Does this cost anything?

Nope! Insiders is 100% free to join and participate. In fact, we’ll reward you for participating in studies with small thank you gifts.

I don't live near the Alation office. Can I still sign up?

Yup! Most of our studies take place either remotely using the power of the internet, or at your company.

What’s the time commitment?

You never have to participate in a study if you don't want to. For most of our studies, you’ll typically spend between 30 and 60 minutes with a Alation researcher. This will almost always be during business hours (i.e., Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Pacific for moderated studies). If you’re visiting the Alation office to participate, you’ll need to allow extra time for travel. Travel expenses are covered on a case by case basis.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?

Shoot us an email:

What will I do in these studies?

You can decide which studies to participate in. There are various  methodologies we employ, however here’s some info about some of our most used methodologies and how they work.

Remote Usability Study
In these studies, we’ll gather your feedback via a screen-sharing session with a researcher or a website where you can try something out on your own. You can be almost anywhere in the world, but you’ll need to have a high-speed Internet connection.

Field Study
In field studies, Alation researchers will visit you in your office. They’ll never show up at your door unannounced though — they’ll always check in with you first to discuss study details and make an appointment.

For these studies, we’ll simply send you a survey form to fill out. Please note that we don’t typically offer a gift for participating in a survey.

How soon will I be added to the Insiders Community?

After you sign up, we'll verify your eligibility. After we do this, we'll automatically welcome you to the Insiders Community. Most of the time this is done within 48 hours of you signing up, but could take up to a week.

How soon will you contact me?

As new studies are launched, we contact people we think might be a good match for the research topic. You might hear from us within a few days to a few months of signing up. We’ll usually reach out to you via email to tell you about the type of study and we might include a link to a questionnaire to assess your eligibility. Just keep an eye on your inbox and know that even if you never participate in a study, we still think you’re awesome!

FAQ for Champions/Admins

How does Insiders affect my relationship with my CSM?

Joining Insiders has no bearing on your relationship with your Alation Customer Success Manager or Sales Rep. If you have any other questions, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Should I use Insiders to impact my buying decision?

No. Your decision to buy Alation should be based on available functionality. Features shown to Insiders may or may not become publicly available and are subject to change.

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